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Success Stories

Real autism success stories from the families we serve & the team members who serve them.

When I first began working with my client he didn’t say much, and he would often engage in challenging behavior. His parents wanted him to be able to share things about his day at school and what’s going on around him. Now, he is able to use appropriate and functional communication to communicate his needs, wants, and nonpreferred. He is also able to recall events and has greatly expanded his vocabulary.

Eboni Rucker

Care Team Member, AHSS

The child has been with the company since she was two and half, and she is now turning five in a couple of weeks. She is going to be one of the recovery stories! Her language and academic skills are age appropriate, and she is just working on some minor problem behaviors and social skills currently. This was all possible because she started therapy at such a young age!
Thank you for all the great work, team!

Cheryl H.


Starting with the teachers and continuing with all the therapist (speech, occupational, and ABA ) I believe that we had made progress. S is a different child and I believe that this is just the beginning. Even now writing this email, tears are coming down because I am really happy to see that I made the best decision at this time.

I believe the program will open a lot of doors for more kids.

Thank you so much for all your help and support. I believe that persons like you is what make other parents stronger.

Former Client, Mother of 3 and a half year old girl (Unsolicited)

developing verbal capabilities, motor skills, social interactions, toiletting, North Chicago

Last night was his awards show for their bible school called Awanas and my client walked on stage to get his ribbon with minimal help from me. I just held his hand. He normally bounces on a ball everywhere he goes and has a chewy in his mouth, but I didn’t take the ball or chewy with us and he did awesome!!

Brooke Belling

lead CTM, AHSS

Just read this in the session note for my kiddo at Y Care. I could almost cry!  “During snack when the CTM began conversations with the kids around him E slowly began to enter the conversations. One kid asked E if they could be friends and E said yes! The two of them talked and played at the table for the remaining five minutes of snack!”

Aislin Bright

Post Supervision Intern, AHSS

The Open Doors Ministry strives to make Grace United Methodist Church, Naperville, Illinois, a more accommodating and accepting congregation for children and youth with special needs, as well as their families.

A primary focus of our ministry is to provide “buddies” to accompany special-needs children in Sunday School and youth activities. AHSS provided training to buddies at our church and helped to develop individualized accommodation plans for several students. The AHSS services were excellent. AHSS provided Jessie Carson, a gifted therapist, to work with our buddies, and, in order to better understand our needs and those of other churches, several AHSS staff members attended an educational program sponsored by Grace Church for the surrounding community.

A special thanks to Laura McKee and Kenn Miller who helped to make this arrangement with AHSS possible. We are blessed to know that AHSS is a resource to us as we continue in this important ministry.

Mark and Laurel Fleming (Unsolicited)

Co-Chairs - Open Doors Ministry, Former collaborators

Tonight we had the pleasure of helping out with E while she got a haircut. The stylist came to the house. E was able to sit at the table and tolerated (even seemed to enjoy) her haircut. Not only that but E sat at the table and interacted with me for the better part of her two-hour session. When we started with E she could barely sit and attend for a few minutes. This is a tremendous amount of improvement and I know that it is because of the hard work and dedication of her team and family.

Keep up the fabulous work team! Nights like tonight are why we do what we do!

Kira Rocha

lead CTM , AHSS

We had a kiddo that we started with at age three. He wasn’t talking much, had difficulties following directions, and would react emotionally due to communication issues. He has been in the same preschool last year and this year. When he started in the fall this year, the teacher let mom know that he was like a different kiddo! He was advocating for himself in class, using full sentences, and following directions like a pro! We are so proud of all the progress he’s made!

Taragene Martin


A few weeks ago, I observed E in his church group as they visited a nursing home to sing for the residents. When I started working with E two years ago, he struggled to make eye contact, use appropriate social language, and tolerate stimulating environments.

What a difference two years of ABA and parent commitment make! E was leading the group in song and dance, attending to the teacher during the performance, and then went on to individually greet and converse with most of the residents! He has made significant improvements over the past two years and I am eager to see what the next two years brings.

Katie Null


When I took the job as a Family Support Coordinator, I hoped it would be a way for me to “pay back” all of those who had supported me during the early years after Drew’s diagnosis…

  • I wanted to see progress in this boy so that his dad, tired from a long day of work, didn’t have to drive over an hour to avoid a tantrum.
  • I wanted the lives of parents of children with Autism to be a little easier.
  • I wanted to help kids sleep in their own beds so that mom and dad could get a good night’s sleep.
  • I wanted to see a child participate in a family birthday party so that mom and dad didn’t have to miss it as well.

It’s these little things in our lives that can give us hope.

I am so lucky that over 5 years at Autism Home Support Services, I have seen many, many of these small victories for children and most especially their parents. That’s why I do what I do.

Maryanne Nugent on living & working with autism

Autism Community Consultant, AHSS

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the BACB’s code of ethics, AHSS does not publish testimonials from current clients. Feedback from AHSS staff is based on their experiences with their clients. Success of individual clients depends on many variables.

**These statements (solicited from AHSS staff) represent a quick snapshot of a moment in time. Each child with autism is unique and on their own journey. Your child’s journey will be different than any other child’s, including those depicted here. If you would like more information on the progress possible for your child, please call 844-AHSS-ABA.

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