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Join us and discover the difference you can make with a different kind of company! Autism Home Support Services is driven by our mission, not just the mighty dollar. We thrive on creating a positive difference in a child’s overall development and long-term success. If, like us, you strive for purpose and meaning in your work, we want to meet you!

We are hiring fun and energetic entry-level and experienced part-time Behavior Line Therapist’s (8 to 12+hours per week) providing evidence-based, support therapy to children with autism spectrum and related disorders.  Autism Home Support Services provides all training and ongoing support in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

You will be interviewed on site, and there is the potential for immediate job offers that day as well. Come grow with us!


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The Regus Building

1333 Burr Ridge Pkway #200
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

1333 Burr Ridge Pkwy Suite 200, Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Autism Home Support Services

5 Revere Drive

Northbrook, IL

Here’s what some of our employees had to say about “Why We Do What We Do:”

Good people, everyone wants to help so when you have a question there are many people you can ask who will try to get you the best answers.

Yesterday I was invited to participate in a Team Meeting for P who will be discharging from ABA services due to the family moving out of state.  The accomplishments P and his family have made in a 9-month period should be celebrated by all parties.
Not only did P make incredible progress towards his goal, mom and dad have been extremely invested in maintaining progress outside of session. As a new AHSS employee it has been truly inspiring to attend P’s Team Meetings and see the excitement for continued growth on both sides of the table.

I went to a home team meeting last night with [BCBA] Stephanie Howard. It was amazing! The little guy, G, is doing so well. We have changed this family’s lives. He is a different child from 1 year ago. He greeted me, asked me to watch him do his activities, engaged with me the entire visit, told me about his field trip, ate at the table, showed me his favorite items, hugged me goodnight…the list goes on and on!!

One of our kiddos started with us on his 4th birthday.  At that time he had very limited verbal ability and social skills.  Fast forward — he has just turned six and is going to graduate from kindergarten.  He is going into a regular education 1st grade classroom with minimal supports!  We are so thrilled at his progress! 

One of my clients had a limited “vocal” vocabulary at the age of 3 years old. We worked on sounds, humming, and listening to songs and stories as we tried to encourage his vocalization skills. We reinforced anything that he gave us and he began to progress.

We then added new skills and began to incorporate vocalizations into our hide and seek play breaks.  I decided to have him make an attempt at “s” (for Sarah) to get me to jump out from my hiding spot. After modeling numerous times, I got that /s/ sound. I continued to shape and got a few “rah” attempts along the way. After some time, we got the “Sarah.” You can just imagine how quickly I jumped out and ran to him to give tickles that first time!

Hearing his voice say my name was so reinforcing for me! I went home exhausted and euphoric that day after numerous sprints across the room to reinforce him calling my name.

I’ve been with the company over four years. What I have seen over the years is how much our company has grown as a whole. I’ve seen our comradery grow. I’ve seen huge efforts of teamwork and support. I’ve seen our Christmas party grow. I’ve seen our team at the Autism Walk grow every year. I’ve seen the parties and gatherings and events go from, “Hey I’ve never met you before” to, “HEY!  Great to see you!” or even better, “HEY!  I just saw you, but great to see you at a nonclient event!”

Every year I am amazed at how much more our company has connected with each other as coworkers. It’s rewarding to be a part of a company that not only helps families and people, but a company that is committed to creating a positive atmosphere as well for its employees. 

I have been working with AHSS for over three years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have worked with 4-year-old nonverbal clients to 12-year-old clients who could talk your ear off. My favorite part is the “ah ha!” moments when the clients master new skills that they used to struggle with. Whether it’s learning how to do a task independently or have a conversation with ease, it’s amazing to watch our clients learn and grow.

Since I started with Autism Home Support, it has impacted my life tremendously in a positive way. Everyone is a pleasure to work with and the company stands firm on its core values of GSD, positivity, teamwork, integrity, and empathy. 

It has impacted me so much that I changed paths in my Masters program to start on the BCBA route. This is the best job and work environment I have ever had to work in. There is so much support and so many ways to grow in this company.Working here was the best decision I have ever made. 

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